Coins - Unlisted

Coins not listed in the book "Play Money of American Children" by Richard Clothier. Click on any of the titles for more information and a price.

Agsigg Frauenfeld 1979
Agsigg Frauenfeld 1979 (Portrait)/5; round, aluminum, 13mm.
Deutches Spielgeld
Deutches Spielgeld, 1 (spots); round, zinc (?), 13mm.
Lauer's Spiel-Munze
Lauer's Spiel-Munze (all 13mm): 1 Pfennig (copper); 2 Pfennig (copper); 5 Pfennig (zinc-some corrosion); 20 Pfennig (zinc?); 20 Pfennig (copper); 50 Pfennig (zinc?); 10 Mark; 20 Mark.
$4.00 each
Packo' Coins
Packo' Coins, 20 pieces, Japan, Metal Play Coins; older unopened pack.
Red Ball Jets Pirate Coin
A Pirate Coin from Red Ball Jets; (still in original plastic package); metal replica of 8 Real coin.
1964 Lincoln 1¢
1964 Lincoln 1¢ replica; round, copper, 10mm.
1903 Indian Head 1¢
1903 Indian Head 1¢ replica; round, copper, 10mm.
1978 Washington quarter
1978 Washington quarter replica; round, white metal, 10mm.
1996 U.S Olympic Team
Atlanta 1996, Diving//1996 U.S. Olympic Team, General Mills Proud Sponsor (also, Rowing).
$1.00 each

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