The pages linked above list the remaining play money in my collection. These items were collected over a 25 year period and many would be difficult to find today. Most are easy to define as "play money", but some of the other pieces just appealed to my collecting interest. They have been a great source of enjoyment.
All of this collection is for sale due to personal circumstances. Most categories are priced and I encourage offers for unpriced items. Shipping costs will be added to the listed prices.
CategoryDescriptionPrice + Shipping
Coins - Listed by ClothierThe remaining 3 groups are priced individually on this page.Total = $ 280
Coins - Unlisted by ClothierA mixed group of 175 items, mostly coins plus a few related bills.$300
Great Britain Coins184 items (coins & notes) priced substantially below market value.$175
Dollar-type Bills67 different bills.$50
Presidents Chewing Gum Play Bucks1933 Dietz Chewing Gum; 26 Different Notes.$250
Football & Baseball Bucks1962 Topps Football & Baseball notes plus 9 others; 51 different items.$225
Sets7 boxed sets and 68 carded setsTBD
Play Money BooksEight books containing play money.$50
Play Money Reference Books19 books about comics, games, toy coins, and more; some hard to find.$190
Please use the Contact Form on the left to ask about items, request more information, or make an offer for an unpriced category.

A list of items and categories already sold.

  • American Hero Play Coins
  • Baby’s Own Klikum Dollar
  • Bank of Hong Kong Toy
  • Baseball Coins
  • Buck Rogers
  • Cap'n Crunch
  • Charms Coin
  • Circus Play Coins
  • Commonwealth of Ybor City (bills)
  • Cracker Jack Coins
  • Daffy Dollar
  • Daisy Dollar
  • Dinosaur Coins
  • Disney Dollars
  • Dollywood Dollars
  • Game Play Money
  • Hoppy Money
  • Howdy Doody Play Money
  • Interplanetary Space Patrol Credits
  • J.L. Hammett Co.
  • Jane Arden Play Money
  • Long John Silver's Pirates
  • Lucky Bucks
  • Lucky Penny
  • Lucky Play Coins
  • Mallo Cup Play Money
  • Mardi Gras notes
  • Mazuma Play Money
  • McDonald’s Burger Bucks
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Moon Money
  • Movie Money (all types)
  • My Merry Money
  • New Coins of The World
  • Ogilvie Play Money
  • Pirate Treasure
  • Play Coin (Transogram)
  • Play Coins Of The World
  • Play Dollar
  • Playtown Bank
  • Popeye Play-Store Money
  • Popsicle Token
  • President Token
  • Red Goose Shoes
  • Ringling Bros. Baraboo Scrip
  • School Money
  • Scotty’s Money
  • Sons Of Liberty
  • Space Money
  • Star Trek Lives (bills)
  • Tattoo Chewing Gum
  • Ten Simoleons
  • Tex-A-Toy
  • Tim Redbacks
  • Tom Thumb Play Money
  • Toonerville Folks Play Money
  • Toy Bank Of Australia
  • Uncle Sam Play Money
  • Univars Interplanetary Money
  • Universal Cash
  • Western Stamping Company
  • Whitman Publishing Company