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Aldrich, Stanley G. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Retired Major Stanley George Aldrich of Moreno Valley, Calif., died November 8, 2000, at the age of 65.

Aldrich enlisted in the Air Force in 1953. He earned his wings as navigator/bombadier flying in RB-66s and F-4s. Aldrich's career included tours in France, Thailand, England and Vietnam. He served with the elite Pathfinders in Vietnam and fought in the Tet Offensive.

His awards and decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, Air Medal with 13 devices, National Defense Service Medal with one bronze service star, Combat Readiness Medal and a Vietnam Service Medal with five bronze service stars. Aldrich retired from the Air Force in 1973.

He is survived by his wife, Jeannine Aldrich; three sons, John Aldrich of San Francisco, Fred Aldrich of Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, and Tony Aldrich of Paris France; and six grandchildren.

Berkshire, John H. - Chanute AFB, Illinois

Bertenshaw, Thomas G. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Retired July 1975

1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Keesler AFB, MS Communications Officers Course
1962-63 Cherry Point MCAS , NC Comm/Elect Officer
1963-65 Carswell AFS , ME Comm/Elect Officer
1965-66 H-3, Iceland Comm/Elect Officer
1966-69 Stillwater , OK AFIT, Oklahome State UniversityElectrical Engineering
1969-73 European Defense Analysis Cen Chief of Production
1973-74 Norfolk Naval Station, VA Armed Forces Command & Staff College
1974-75 Port Austin AFS , MI Commander
Jul 1975 Retired, extended active duty
1976-79 Northern Penobscot Vocational Region Director
1979-80 Crant Naval Weapons Support Center Staff Engineer
1980-81 Kollsman Instruments Project Engineer
1981-83 Martin-Marietta Aerospace Group Lead Engineer
1983-85 Sperry Aerospace Engineering Section Head
Oklahoma State University Prof & Dept Head, Elect Eng Technology

Jun 68 Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) Oklahoma State University
May 69 Master of Science (Electrical Engineering) Oklahoma State University
May 77 Master of Science, University of Maine
Dec 92 Doctor of Education, Oklahoma State University
Aug 96 Registered Professional Engineer

Tom Remembers . . . “ It was the Friday before the first week-end that we had any realistic probability of having a week-end off base, and we still had at least one of the female OC’s in our ranks. We were marching back to lunch from academics. As we were marching, someone from First Class asked in a command voice, “ Miss. TBD, what are you going to do off base this weekend? ” “ Sir,I’m going to get laid, Sir! ” came back the reply. Immediately, from our Second Class ranks came, “ SIR, REQUEST PERMISSION TO COME TO THE AID OF MY CLASSMATE?”

Bigham, Eugene F. - Pilot Training

No bio available.

Blanchard, John Z., Jr. - Chanute AFB, Illinois

Retired: 1977

Zack Blanchard
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961 Chanute AFB, IL Aircraft Maint Officer School
1962-64 Blythville AFB, AR (SAC) Bomb Wing Maintenance Officer
1964-67 Athens , Greece Athenai AFS , Depot Maint Supervisor
1967-69 Beale AFB,CA (SAC) Bomb Wing Maint Control Officer
1969-70 March AFB, CA (SAC) Hq 15 th AF Staff-Reconnaissance Maintenance 1970-71 Udorn RTAFB , Thailand (PACAF), 7 th Airborne Comm and Cont Squadron
1971-77 Barksdale AFB, LA (SAC) Hq, 8 th AF Maintenance Management Division
1977 Retired
1982-Pres Shreveport / Bossier City , LA Attorney in Private General Practice

June 1975 Louisiana Tech University Bachelor of Arts (English)
Dec 1981 Louisiana Tech University Juris Doctorate
Dec 1998 Louisiana Tech University Master of Library & Information Sciences

Blews, Monte E. - England AFB, Louisiana

No bio available.

Booth, Walter C. - Chanute AFB, Illinois

Died: Killed in Action, 26 March 1969

Killed in action in SVN in Khanh Hoa province, Rebublic of Vietnam from hostile fire while in a helicopter as non-crew. His name is located at the Memorial on Panel 28W Row 43.

Bradwell, John J. - Kirkland AFB, New Mexico

Retired: December 1981

Wife: Kathleen
Children: John, Jett, James
Grandchildren: Andrew, Jordan, Colman, John, Jonah,Catherine,William, Jacob

Jobs / Assignments
John Bradwell

1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-64 Kirtland AFB, NM Deputy Accounting and Finance Officer
1964-67 Laon AB, France Accounting and Finance Officer
1967-68 Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand Accounting and Finance Officer
1968-71 Cedar Rapids, IA Asst Proffessor of Aerospace Studies, Coe College
1971-73 Tallahassee, FL (FSU) AFIT Advanced Degree Program
1973-81 Maxwell AFB, AL Faculty Member, Air University
Dec 1981 Retired from USAF - Lieutenant Colonel
1982-Present Montgomery, AL Faculty Member (Speech), Auburn University
1982-95 Montgomery, AL Licensed Professional Counsellor, Private Practice

Jun 1954 Associate Degree, Centerville Jr. College, Centerville, Iowa
Aug 1963 BA Degree (Education), Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa
Jun 1973 MS Degree (Counseling), Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Jun 1979 ABD for EdD (Counseling), Auburn University

John remembers . . . ” When Jim Coats was my roommate, two members of the first class were coming to inspect our room. Jim and I had everything perfect, so we expected to pass. One of those coming to inspect was probably the most sadistic member of our first class. They couldn ’ t find anything wrong, so this individual reached down under Jim ’ s bed and claimed he found a little ball of lint (wooly-booger) in the corder of the frame. He then went berserk, overturning our beds and tearing everything out of our closets. He then put Jim in the “ green chair ” and left the room. Forth-five minutes later they came back and told Jim to get up. He couldn ’ t get up, nor could he walk. At this point they panicked, and started carrying him up and down the hallway trying to restore circulation in his legs. After a tense period of time, Jim was eventually able to walk again. Considering the medical knowledge we have today, Jim could have experienced a serious blood clot. This even almost turned me against OCS. ”

*Breck, Henry R. - Barksdale AFB, Louisiana

No bio available.

Brindle, George T. - Sheppard AFB, Texas

Retired: July 1975

Wife: Wakako (Jeanne)
Children: Eleanor Kathryn (Ringo); Eileen Kathryn (Smith)
Grandchildren: Olivia Lauren Ringo; Victoria Leigh Ringo

George Brindle
Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961 Sheppard AFB, TX Accounting & Finance Officer Tech School
1961-63 L. G. Hanscom Field, MA Chief, Internal Systems Control, Accounting & Finance Office
1963-65 Yokota Air Base, Japan Chief, Non-Appropriated Funds Office
1965 Kimpo Air Base, Korea Special Disbursing Agent
1965-66 Yokota Air Base, Japan Administration Officer
1966-67 Yokota Air Base, Japan Commander, 6220 th CAMRON Squadron Section 1967-69 San Francisco, CA Postal Finance & Supply Officer, Postal and Courier Service
1969-70 Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam Chief, Saigon Aerial Mail Terminal
1970-74 Stuttgart, Germany Chief, Plans & Support, 1141 st Special Activities Squadron
1974-75 Andrews AFB, MD Administration Inspector, Air Force Systems Command
July 1975 Andrews AFB, MD Retired, Major
1975-78 Fair Oaks, CA Manager, Real Estate Offices
1979-80 Citrus Heights, CA Manager, Picture Framing Business
1980-84 Sacramento, CA Manager, Direct Mail Advertising Firm
1984-85 Orangevale, CA Self Employed, Photography Service
1985-88 Sacramento, CA Instructor, Business College
1989-91 Stockton, CA Methods & Procedures Analyst, American Savings Bank
1991-99 Sacramento, CA Accounting Department, McKesson Drug Co
April 1999 Retired Fishing, part-time work, fishing, part-time work, fishing

1967 Bachelor of Arts, University of Maryland Far East Division

George Remembers . . . The night or two before the graduation of our upper class (61C), one of their more illustrious members got “ three sheets to the wind, ” and roared his car down the parade field and past the reviewing stand. At the graduation ceremony as he was presenting the diploma, Colonel Long, the School Commandant, made the remark that commissioning this individual was maybe the biggest mistake he ’ d made in his entire career. AND, the time one of our own classmates in 1 st squadron fell asleep while standing at attention during afternoon drill practice. No-Doz, anyone??

Brosowske, Dennis L. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Retired: 1 July 1976

Dennis Brosowske
Wife: Delina (dee)
Children: Dean, DeEtt Hernandez

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Keesler AFB, MS Communications-Electronics School
1962-63 Vancouver, WA Communications-Electronics Advisor to Air Force Reserve
1963-66 Zweibrucken AB, Germany AFCS Detachment Commander
1966-67 Keesler AFB, MS Communications-Electronics Staff Officer School
1967-68 Tinker AFB, OK Communications-Security Officer - Central Comm Region 1969-71 Tinker AFB, OK Programmer - Comm Computer Program Center
1971-73 Incirlik AB, Turkey Deputy Commander, Communications Group
1973-74 Maxwell AFB, AL Air Command & Staff College
1974-76 Kelly AFB, TX Communications Security Division Chief, Hq, USAFSS
1 July 1976 Retired, Major, USAF
1977-79 Portland, OR Computer Program Manager - Georgia Pacific
1979-90 Portland, OR Computer Systems Analyst - Am Data Service
1990-96 Newberg, OR Computer Support - Springbrook Software
16 November 1996, Retired Following a stroke. Left side was seriously effected but has almost totally returned. Now playing and tennis with no real sign of past problem. Dee and I now winter in Mesa, AZ and enjoy the cool NW from April-October.

August 1974 Bachelor of Arts (Business Management), Troy State University, Troy, Alabama

Dennis Remembers . . . While I spent six months at OCS, my wife and two small children were living in Spokane, Washington. My fondest memory was making it back to Spokane, via Space-A during the few days we had between lower and upper class. THE experience gained as Wing Adjutant during all the drills and ceremonies at OCS resulted in my being charged with organizing and performing in numerous parades during the remainder of my military career.

Brown, Carl R. - Pilot Training

Retired: July 1982

Carl Brown
Wife: June

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1962-63 Lubbock, TX Pilot Training
1963 Nashville, TN C-130 Basic
1963 – 65 Charleston, SC C-130 MATS/MAC
1965-68 Tachikawa Japan & Ubon, Thailand C-130 Rescue
1968-71 Hamilton AFB, CA C-130 Rescue
1971-72 Maxwell AFB, AL Command and Staff College
1972-73 Ubon, Thailand C-130 Gunship
1973-75 Eglin AFB, FL C-130 Rescue
1975-79 Rhein Main AB, Germany 7405 th Special Ops Squadron (C-130)
1979-82 Little Rock AFB, AR (MAC) Flight Simulator Section; C-130 Pilot Instructor/Evaluator
July 1982 Retired Took year off - just wandering around through west USA & Canada in 19' motorhome with Jane (my one and only, OCS and forever wife, Amen)
1983-88 Marietta, GA Lockheed Hercules Flight Training Center
1988-89 Uganda Uganda Air Cargo Company, Ltd.
1989-91 Continental Systems Technology
1991-94 Self Employed Training Systems consultant for L-382/C130 pilots
1994-Present Marietta, GA Lockheed Martin, Senior analyst engineer

Charlie Brown remembers . . . Jane, my 4' 11" redheaded wife who gave birth (C-section) to our second son, just 10 days before graduation and danced at our graduation ball (with two bed sheets holding her stitches together). She still managed to supply goodie bags and laundry runs for several of the single cadets until she went to the hospital for birth.

Brown, Phillip R. - Loring AFB, Maine

Retired: 1 May 1973

Phil Brown
Wife: Karna
Children: Paul, Aislinn, Kenneth, David, Lars
Grandchildren: Daniel, Eric

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-63 Loring AFB, ME Duty Forecaster, Det 14, 8 th Weather Squadron
1963-66 Loring AFB, ME Wing Weather Officer, 19 th Bomb Wing
1966-67 Norman, OK AFIT Student, University of Oklahoma
1968-70 Fuchu AS, Japan Asian Weather Central
1970-72 Offutt AFB, NE Weather Briefing Officer to CINSAC
1972-73 Offutt AFB, NE OIC Weather Support Unit, SAC Command Post
1 May 1973 Retired from Active Duty, Major
1973-74 Bellevue, NE Finish Carpenter, Osburn Construction Co.
1974-75 Omaha, NE Trainee Agent, State Farm Insurance Co.
1975-82 Caribou, ME State Farm Agent
Apr 1981 Boston, MA Ran Boston Marathon
1982-94 Orono, ME Manager, State Farm Insurance Agency
1 Apr 1994 Retired, State Farm Insurance Co.
1991-2000 Orono, ME Town Councilman
1997-2000 Orono, ME Mayor
2000-01 Belfast, ME Building Contractor
2001-Present Bellfast, ME Vice Chair, Comprehensive Planning Committee

Associates in Math, Ricker College, Houlton, ME
1967 Bachelor of Arts (Meteorology), University of Oklahoma, Norman Oklahoma

PHIL BROWN REMEMBERS . . . As most of us remember, our 1 st Class was academically challenged with some of them going into first class with two flushes. This did not leave some of them much time to give us a bad time. What they did not know was, I had been a member of OCS class 58G for 10 weeks. Some of you may remember the short briefing sessions I used to hold whenever we had a chance. This gave 1 st Sq. a big jump and totally confused our first class, because we were so far ahead of the other squadrons. This came to an abrupt end when, one night, the whole first class arrived in my room and scared poor Stan Aldrich out of his shorts. I was marched upstairs and given the 3 rd degree on how much I newand how much had I given out to the rest of the squadron. It was great fuhn knowing what was coming next in the trainibng. I have always wondered who in our class gave me away. If I remember correctly, our first class was proud of the boys downstairs and gave us our shoe taps before anyone else had them. I can still remember marching (at 120 per min) to chow after drill 19 and hearing all of us in perfect step all the way. Ahhhh, those were the days.

Carlson, Aulay P. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Retired July 1980

Wife: Liz
Children: Sondra, Janet, Ingrid, Chuck, John
Grandchildren: Rebekka, Jack, Sam, Ellie, Harry

Aulay arrives at OCS.
When I arrived at OCS I had been ski bumming in Colorado. During that time I had grown a beard and still had it when I got to Lackland. At Laudersteins I met some very friendly guys from our First Class who, for some reason, were kind enough to take me out to the OCS area and introduced me to everyone they could find. I felt very honored by this attention and knew that with a First Class like this OCS would be a lot of fun. This of course turned out to be true, as we all know. The only disappointment for our kindly First Class was that when I turned up shaved and in uniform no one recognized me.

After OCS I went on to Nav and EWO school where after all that training I ended up in Systems Command. At that time a wonderful command and maybe the worst place for a new lieutenant. They expected us to think. As I later found out thinking in the operations commands is some what frowned on. All in all I spent most of my Air Force life in systems and logistics.

By 1967 I like many others found my self in SEA where I was assigned to B-66Cs. I flew 143 missions of which 115 were in the North. I was honored to serve with men who were professional and hard working. While I was at Takhli AB in Thailand we held the first practice Red River Rats Reunion. This was in 1968 As it turned out I was the last guy remaining in the squadron who had flown above the 20th.
River Rat float.
So I got to be on the float. This image that I found on the web shows me in the front of the float with a San Miguel in my hand. That also was the only day the girls from down town were allowed on the base. I was very surprised I didn't know there were girls down town.

After SEA I returned to Systems Command and then to AFIT. Where I earned those college degrees that Colonel Long urged us to get when we got our bars. After three years in AFIT I returned to the active Air Force but this time to to the 4713 TEWS. I was a little low on flying time.
The B-57 was a great aircraft and we got around the country. We took this bird to the Air Forces 25th anniversary at Andrews AFB. Following that tour I went Log Command at Tinker were I managed the ECM upgrades to the B-52s.

This job lead me to Wright-Patt where I managed the new ECM systems coming down the line for, again the B-52. Wright-Patt was where I left the Air Force for a new life, this time as a beltway bandit.
Aulay these days.
This lasted for a couple a years when I decided that being a full time photographer would be fun. I would like to post all the pictures of all the nude and seminude photographs that I have been forced to take of young women but I won't. As I look back on my career I see that almost every base where I was stationed is closed and every command I was assigned to is now gone. Although I was never stationed in SAC I did visit Hq. SAC so I count that also as a mark. I will add to this over time.

Chambers, Glenn R. - Chanute AFB, Illinois

Retired: 1 September 1975

Glenn Chambers
Wife: Dodie
Children: Glenn, Theresa Dillon, Todd
Grandchildren: Christopher, Mathew, Patrick, Julie, Kevin, Gerrod, Travis, Jacqulin

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Chanute AFB, IL Tech School
1962-64 Clark AFB, PI Aircraft Maintenance Officer
1964-66 Hickam AFB, HI Hq PACAF Maintenance Staff Officer
1966-69 Langley AFB,VA Hq TAC Maintenance Staff Officer
1969-70 Phan Rang AB, R.V. Aircraft Maintenance Officer
1970-72 Sheppard AFB,TX Chief, Requirements Branch FTD
1972-73 Maxwell AFB, AL Air Command and Staff College
1973-75 Mather AFB,CA Field Maintenance Squadron Commander
1 Sep 1975 Retired (Major)
1975-76 Sacramento, CA Tech Writer, Sunpower Corp
1976-78 Sacramento, CA Manager, Woodard Supply
1978-81 Sacramento, CA Outside Sales, ITT Grinnell Corp
1981-93 Sacramento, CA Sales & Engineering, Sacramento Pipe Works
1993-96 Sacramento, CA Branch Manager, Gerlinger Steel & Supply
1 Sep 1996 Retired

August 1973 Bachelor of Science Degree, Troy State University, Troy, Alabama

Charlton, John E. - Pilot Training

Retired: 30 September 1979

John Charlton
Wife: Mary
Children: John, Cathy, Dana
Grandchildren: Tasha, Tiffany, John, Michelle, Tenisha, Michael, Brandon
Great Grandchildren: Justine

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Reese AFB, TX Pilot Training
1963-65 McChord AFB, WA Pilot, C124
1966-68 Yokota AB, Japan MAC Command Post Controller & Pilot, C124 & T33
1969 Phu Cat AB, Vietnam Pilot, AC47 Gunships
1970-76 Travis AFB, CA 22 AF Command Post Controller & Pilot C141
1977-79 Scott AFB, IL Hq, MAC Manager, Ops Support Airlift
30 Sep 79 Retired (Lt. Col)
1980-Pres Granite Falls, WA Real Estate Broker (Website:

Added Note: The past 10 years have also found Mary and I involved in breeding and racing thoroughbred race horses in Washington and California.

Clark, Ralph W. Jr. - Lackland AFB, Texas

No bio available.

Clemons, Gerald L. - Malstrom AFB, Montana

No bio available.

Coats, James A. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Retired: November 1974

Died: April 09, 2002

James Coats
Wife: Barbara
Children: David, Michael, Deborah
Grandchildren:Jennifer, Amy, Ashley, Andrew, Josh, Caroline, Emily

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Harlingen AFB, TX Navigator Training
1962-63 Mather AFB, CA Electronic Warfare Officer Training
1963-67 Steward AFB, NY WO 4713th DSES - B57s)
1964 Vietnam 8th BW - B57s
1967-69 Richards-Gebaur AFB, MO Hq, 10th AF - Mission Planning Officer
1969-72 McChord AFB, WA NORAD Mission Planning Officer
1972 Chanute AFB, IL Aircraft Maintenance Officer School
1972-74 Seymour Johnson AFB, NC Commander, 68th AMC, SAC
Nov 1974 Retired from active duty (after injury from high speed ejection)
1975-2001 Mount Olive, NC Mount Olive College, professor of business;
Chair and Dean of School of Business; Vice President and Vice President for Finance
Feb 2001 Retired and hold Emeritus status.

Jan 1969 Bachelor’s Degree, University of Nebraska at Omaha (Business & Economics)
May 1972 MBA, Pacific Lutheran University (Concentration-Management)
Aug 1981 Master of Arts, Central Michigan University (Personnel Management)
May 1986 Doctorate of Education, North Carolina State University (Higher Education Administration)

Jim Remembers . . . I remember “bugging” everywhere, the “squared” meals, and the “green chair” in 2nd class, and morning exercises with Debbie Drake while in 1st Class. It was a great life-changing experience, but I would not want to do it again.

*Coulter, Arthur C. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Retired: 1 October 1979

Art Coulter
Wife: Rene
Children: Susann, Mark (Deceased}
Grandchildren: Jean, Ryan, Kate, Cary

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Harlingen AFB, TX Navigator Training
1962-63 Mather AFB, CA Nav-Bomb Training
1963 Shaw AFB,SC RB-66 Crew Training
1963-66 Toul-Rosieres AB, France RB-66 Nav Bomb (Photo Recon)/ RF-4C Systems Operator
1966-70 Mountain Home AFB, ID Squadron Training Officer; RF-4C System Operator
1970-71 Udorn RTAFB, Thailand Wing Stan/Eval Officer; RF-4c System Operator
1971 Lowry AFB, CO Supply Officer School
1971-72 Scott AFB, IL NAF, OIC Supplies Management Div; Hq AWS Supply Dir
1972-73 Huntington Beach, CA AFIT, EWI, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company
1973-74 McClellan AFB, CA NAF, Weapons Systems Procurement Officer, ALC
1974-75 Maxwell AFB, AL Air Command and Staff College
1975-78 Los Angeles, CA DoD, Chief, Defense Subsistence Office
1078-79 Los Angeles, AFS, CA SAMSO, Procurement Division Chief DSP SPO
1 Oct 1979 Retired (27 years, 1 month, 18 days)
1979-94 Seal Beach, CA Attorney, Law Offices of Hagel and Coulter
1994 Palm Desert, CA Retired at Palm Valley Country Club

1967 Bachelor of General Studies, University of Omaha
1975 Master of Business Administration, Auburn University
1980 Juris Doctor, Western State University College of Law

Cumella, Joseph T. Jr. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Died: 16 February 1991

No other information available.

Curtis, Arthur W. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Retired: June 1979

Died: 30 October 2006

Wife: None
Children: Scott, Troy, Andrea, Heidi, Kayli

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1962-1962 Harlingen AFB, Nav School
1961-65 Robins AFB, GA Navigator on C-124C
1965-70 Mather AFB, CA Instructor, Basic navigation training
1970-71 Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ F-4 Training and Survival School
1971-72 Korat AB, Thailand F-4Es, Making “ Crispy Critters; ” RP1 thru 6
1972-75 MacDill AFB, FL Maintenance Supervisor OMS, 1st Tactical Fighter Wing
1975-79 Pentagon, DC NGB/LGM Maintenance Supervisor for all ANG F-4s, F-101s, F-102s/106s
Jun 1979 Retired
1979-81 Tulsa, OK McDonnell Douglas
1981-95 Wichita, KS Boeing Airplane Co.
May 1995 Retired
1995-97 Wichita, KS House husband
1997-98 San Antonio, TX “Too hot in summer!!”
1998-2001 Colorado Springs, CO “Just right!!!!”
2001-2002 Longview, TX
2002-2003 Annville, PA
2003 to Present Norman, OK

1975-79 Bachelor of Science (Business Administration), University of Maryland, College Park, MD

*Davis, Ralph L. Jr. - Pilot Training

Retired: 1978

Ralph Davis
Wife: None
Children: Tim, Kathleen, Suzanne
Grandchildren: 5

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Webb AFB, TX Undergraduate Pilot Training
1963 Luke AFB, AZ F-100 Gunnery Training
1963-66 RAF Woodbridge, U.K. F-100 Pilot
1966 Bien Hoa AB, RVN F-100 Pilot
1966-67 Phuouc Vinh, RVN 0-1 Pilot / Forward Air Controller
1967-69 Richards-Gebaur AFB, MO T-33 Pilot / Base Flight Manager
1969-70 Holloman AFB, NM F-100 Pilot
1970-72 Tainan AB, ROC Emergency Actions Officer
1972-76 Ft. Lewis, WA O-2 Pilot / Air Liaison Officer / Forward Air Controller
1976-77 Kunsan AB, ROK Staff Operations Officer
1977-78 Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ O-2 Pilot / Operations Officer
1978 Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ Retired from Active Duty
1978-85 Seattle, WA Law Student / Graduate School / Music School
1985-Present Washington State Lay Monk in the Nyingma Tradition of Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism

Dec. 1974 Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), St. Martin’s College, Lacey, WA
Mar. 1981 MBA, City University, Seattle, WA
Jun 1988 ASC (Piano Technology), Conservatory of Music, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA

Ralph Remembers . . . Bugging . . . Square Meals . . . Painting 1st Squadron’s Gold Bar to resemble a Warrant Officer’s Bar . . . Saturday night at the “4-H” Club . . . Starched uniforms . . . Left hand salutes . . . A goldfish burial . . . Spit shining shoes with alcohol . . . Marching as an Egyptian soldier in the opera “Aida” . . . Backward uniforms . . . Early AM calisthenics . . . Marching backwards in parades (as squadron commander) . . . Up against the wall.

Dye, Thomas G. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Died: 3 July 1990

No other information available.

*Edrington, George D. - Pilot Training

Doug Edrington
Died: 1964

Libya Crash Kills Hahn F100 Pilot

Hahn AB, Germany – An F-100 Super Sabre from Hahn Air Base crashed near Wheelus Air Base, Libya, killing the pilot, 1st Lt. George D. Edrington. Lt. Edrington, 29, was on a routine training Mission Monday from the North African base. The 10th Tactical Fighter Squadron pilot is survived by his wife and three children who live at Hahn.

Farman, Michael S. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Died: 6 November 1969 - No other information available.

Flannery, John P. - Pilot Training

No bio available.

Friedman, Lawrence H. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Retired: 14 January 1969Lawrence FriedmanWife: NoneJobs / Assignments1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School 1961-62 Keesler AFB, MS Ground Electronics Officer Course 1962-63 Larson AFB, WA Maintenance Analysis Officer1963-65 McChord AFB, WA Maintenance Coordinating Center Duty Officer 1965-66 Sparrevohn AFS, AK Electronics Officer 1966-67 Keesler AFB, MS Communications-Electronics Staff Officer Course 1967-69 Los Angeles AFS, CA Comm-Elec Staff Officer, AF Satellite Control Facility14 Jan 1969 Retired Active Duty Medical, Heart Attack in 1967 1969 Los Angeles, CA Merrill Lynch 1970-72 Philadelphia, PA Completed College at Temple University1972-2001 Philadelphia, PA Area Tax AccountantEducationJan 1972 Bachelor of Business Administration, Temple University, Philadelphia, PALarry Remembers . . . My memory of OCS is in bits and pieces. I remember a fast 6 months which I mostly enjoyed. I recall trying NOT to smile while being screamed at by upper classmen. I remember the skit that I was in and I remember the peanut butter jar in my panic drawer. But my best memory is that of working with my other classmates to achieve my commission, which was a major goal in my life.

Fritts, Charles - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Gabris, Allen J. - Lowry AFB, Colorado

Golemis, Denis - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Greene, Franklin L. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Griffith, James B. Jr. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

No bio available.

*Hammond, Trevor A. - Pilot Training

Harrington, Paul E. Jr. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

No bio available.

Hassell, Joel A. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Hassett, Norman W. - Lackland AFB, Texas

Jacobsen, Donald L. - Pilot Training

Jordan, Troy D. - Westover AFB, Massachusetts

Kelley, Ronald W. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Kellogg, Denis A. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Kennedy, George E. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Kennison, Robert L. - Offutt AFB, Nebraska

Kleinrock, Bernard J. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Krause, Charles F. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Lampkin, John A. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Larson, Roy N. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Lewellyn, Gary E. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Lewis, Keith E. - Pilot Training

Loring, John M. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Lucas, John L. - Pilot Training

Lynch, John P. - Kelley AFB, Texas

Mack, Lowell D. - Pilot Training

Mack, Nathaniel A. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Macumber, Lorn J. - Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

No bio available.

Mahoney, Bobby R. - Pilot Training

No bio available.

Malberg, Carl H. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Mantsch, Carl M. - Pilot Training

Martin, Joel D. - Pilot Training

No bio available.

McCormack, James F. - Lackland AFB, Texas

*McGowan, Desmond F. - Pilot Training

McKinney, Lowell T. - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Mills, Wesley A. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Moore, Daniel J. - Offutt AFB, Nebraska

Mundy, Charles J. (Joe) - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Nyhus, Paul G. - Blytheville AFB, Arkansas

Olson, Marlin W. - Harlingen AFB, Texas

Patti, Eugene C. (Gene) - Keesler AFB, Mississippi

No bio available.

Phillips, Jack A. - Pilot Training

Retired December 1977

I was born in Wichita, KS , in 1937. My dad left in 1942, but my mother managed to support us with a job at Cessna Aircraft until the war ended. She moved my younger brother and me to a small farm near Rose Hill, Kansas in 1948 and we lived a poor, but happy life. Except for when our house burned down and we lost everything (but that's another story). After graduation from high school in 1955 it was off to wheat harvesting (my fourth season) and then to a job at Boeing for about six months until I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1956. After finishing boot camp as the platoon honor graduate I was assigned to Camp Pendleton, California, where I remained and became a Sergeant before discharge in 1958.

In 1959 I enlisted in the Air Force (lost two stripes) and was directly assigned to Nellis AFB, Nevada, as an administrative clerk for the Fighter Weapons School, home of the Air Force Top Gun program and the Thunderbirds. Since I was about the only guy on base that shined his shoes they made be base Airman-of-the-Month and gave me a ride in an F-100 fighter aircraft, thereby addicting me to that type of flying. At the urging of local pilots I applied for OCS. After graduation I was lucky enough to obtain one of the pilot training assignments and was sent to Vance AFB at Enid, 0klahoma. By graduating as the top pilot of that class I was able to pick F-100 fighter pilot training at Luke AFB, Arizona. Trevor Hammond was actually the top overall graduate, an honor he certainly earned with his outstanding academic record.

Completing the F-100 course as Top Gun again gave me an opportunity to choose an assignment to the newest fighter, the F-105 Thunderchief. The first operational assignment was to McConnell AFB, at Wichita , Kansas , where they were converting from F-100s to F-105s. I was not excited about returning to Kansas, but my mom thought it was great since I was only 17 miles from home. Checking out was sporty at Nellis and my class lost two airplanes in a week while the Thunderbirds had one come apart in the air, so they grounded the fleet and sent me back to McConnell. While on a training mission on January 6, 1965, my aircraft caught fire in the forward area resulting in complete electrical failure and partial loss of control. Despite poor weather conditions, I managed to land the aircraft and was subsequently awarded an Air Medal for saving the aircraft and avoiding a crash in a populated area. Most guys said I was just too scared to punch out.

Next was a line assignment to Spangdahlem AB, Germany, for about two years. Late in 1966 I had the choice to either transition to the newer F-4 or volunteer for Vietnam duty in the F-105. I chose the latter and in January 1967, joined the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Korat RTAFB, Thailand. During this period I flew 100 combat missions over North Vietnam, plus many more over Laos. Due to my experience in the aircraft I was assigned many of the high priority missions and led numerous flights to the highly defended Hanoi area. It was a tough time with very restrictive rules of engagement, which caused the loss of a lot of aircraft and crews. Although my aircraft was damaged several times by ground fire, I completed the tour without injury.
Jack with a load of bombs on an F-105.

I had considered volunteering for a second 100, but changed my mind after living with all the restrictions. And the fact that a friend, Karl Richter, was shot down and killed on mission number 198 didn't help. Then it was back to McConnell AFB as an F-105 instructor pilot. On Veteran’s Day, 1967, President Lyndon Johnson personally decorated me with three awards of the Silver Star for actions during the Vietnam tour. Four awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross were presented at later ceremonies, also for combat-related actions. In early 1968 I was sent to Korea in response to the capture of the U.S. Navy ship, the Pueblo. We planned and sat alert, but no military actions were taken against North Korea and after four months, I returned to McConnell.

After early promotion to major in 1968 came attendance at Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. A joint staff tour of four years followed at MacDill AFB, Florida, in the U.S. Strike Command (later to be called Central Command). The most interesting aspect of this tour was the trips to many middle east countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, and others. In 1973 after I finally got my BS from the University of Tampa (Magna Cum Laude), I was selected as aide to Lt. Gen. Hardin (the DCINC). This challenging job included writing speeches and giving briefings to the highest levels of command including the JCS. This duty also included being the General's pilot and performing as an instructor pilot in the T-39 Saberliner. It also let me know that I was not cut out for the politics at that level, which helped me make a career decision a few years later.

Upon promotion to LC in 1974, which coincided with the end of my tour, the general gave me my choice of assignments.

Desiring a line assignment I again went to Korat RTAFB in the 34th TFS, this time flying F-4Es as the operations officer. While there we participated in the Mayaguez incident (where the fighting continued for some) and provided air cover for the evacuation of Siagon. As the commander, I brought the squadron back to the U.S. in December 1975, making them the last F-4 squadron to leave Southeast Asia.

Another staff tour was next at Tactical Air Command Headquarters, Langley AFB, VA, with duties as the Chief of Flight Simulation. When they offered me an assignment to the Pentagon I turned it down and retired in December, l977.

Jack as a civilian.
I had obtained a real estate degree while at Langley and returned to Tampa for a couple years in the commercial and investment real estate field. After my wife left in the early 80's I decided to become a full time treasure hunter. Never made much money, but had a great time diving, dredging gold, and searching for lost treasures of all types. I met Barbara (also a treasure hunter and the best treasure I found) this way and we married in 1990. We have four children, three girls and a boy, scattered around the country plus six grand children. We gave up treasure hunting in 1995. Today we live in a small town in North Alabama and enjoy the quiet life. It's been a great journey!

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