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"Lucky Bucks" Play Money

The "Lucky Bucks" referred to here were cut from comic strips, mostly Sunday, and were found primarily in the early to mid-1930's.

Unless otherwise identified, these are single bills in average, circulated condition. The following are duplicates from my collection that are available for sale.
Large-sized notes: all about 110mm x 45mm, and say LUCKY BUCKS, PLAY MONEY. $2.00 each.
Denom. = the numerical denomination on that note.
Denom.Caption under pictureDescription of picture
1Boss TillieBoss to Tillie, "You talked for a whole hour on...." (worn, dated 1932).
1Polly And Her Pals.Black cat looking down hole in ground; animal watching.
1Polly And Her Pals.Man, cat, and woman sitting together.
1Polly And Her Pals.Old man fishing from boat with cat watching.
1Polly And Her Pals.Old man laying on beach with black cat beside him.
1Polly And Her Pals.Polly with 4 people and a cat.
1Polly And Her Pals.Three people; oriental man, black woman, black man.
1Tillie EddieBoth characters standing in bathing suits.
1Tillie MacSilhouettes of them with large moon in background.
1Tim Tyler's LuckTim in center with boy in hat on left and man on right.
1WigwaggingBoy in cap waving flags in both hands.
1Yacob and MortimerTwo boys in hats looking at each other; nothing behind.
2(No caption)Mac looking at picture of Tillie & saying "Ah, me".
2Bubbles and BobWoman and man talking; "You've kept me waiting...".
2Dumb DoraDora with hat, looking in mirror while woman watches.
2Hecky and ButchTwo boys with two house tops in background.
2In The Garden Of FameMan throwing brick at statue and saying "Phooey!".
2Junior Van SwaggerBoy saying "WOW" at dog.
2LauraParrott (green).
2Little Eva-Mush And FatsoThe 3 characters, all with hearts above, tent behind.
2Mush Making A Home RunMush with bat, running away from broken store window.
2NorthrupNorthrup kicking football, fence and house behind.
2Polly And Her Pals.Old woman watching old man in water.
2Polly And Her Pals.Old man listening to black cat say "Tweet tweet tweet".
2Polly And Her Pals.Old man on skates with black cat on skates behind him.
2Polly And Her Pals.Old man with cigar, sitting on bench & feeding 5 birds.
2Polly And Her Pals.Skunk walking through woods; man watching from hole.
2SkippySkippy walking toward library with books under his arm (worn).
2The Gangs All HereEight comic people saying "We want a touchdown!".
5An Old Scotch CostumeMac and Tillie looking at picture of Sir Angus MacDougall.
5Bing BrownThree views of Bing; Joy, Anger, & Fright.
5Danny Hoofer and Mabel CharmingMan and woman with hearts in background.
5Mac Does Some Fancy SkatingMac spells "Tillie" by ice skating.
5Mac's LuckMac hitting golf ball in water.
5Polly And Her Pals.Old man pulling sled with other man relaxing on it.
5Polly And Her Pals.Old man wallking in snow and clapping hands; cat nearby.
5Polly And Her Pals.Old woman taking picture of old man in bathtub.
5Skippy and FreddieSkippy and Freddie sliding down hill in box on sled.
5Tim Tyler's LuckTim and other boy talking, dog behind.
10Buttercup And Spare-RibsBaby saying “Da!” and playing with large dog with bow.
10It's Different NowTillie on phone, handsome man with her; "Yes, I know...".
10Mac Didn't Know It Wasn't LoadedMac dropping gun and running from bear.
10Mac Does Some Table Tennis CourtingDora and Mac playing ping pong.
10Polly and Her Pals.Old woman kissing old man sitting in chair by fireplace.
10Polly and Her Pals.Woman with big hat looking at scales that point at 300.
10Tim Tyler's LuckPaul Hartly & Bill Rhoades talking.
10Tim Tyler's LuckTim and another boy talking.
10TouchdownTwo boys tackling boy with football as he crosses goal line.
10What A Guy!Tillie telling Mac, "Stop it, Mac. I can hear you sing..."
20Bing BrownBing in fur coat running & saying “Dora”; boy watching.
20Mac And Tillie When They Grow OldOld Mac saying to Tillie, "Let's Get Married, Tillie".
20Mac's New Sweat ShirtMac and well-dressed man talking.
20Mac's Perpetual Picture PuzzleMac sitting & thinking ???, looking at picture of Tillie.
20ShadowsCouple kissing in window; Mac watching from outside.
25Dumb DoraDora reading a book; light on desk.
25The First Ice Of The SeasonGirl watching boy on ice, "By George she's almost thick..."
50A Good MoveMan handing bill; "Here's five dollars, Tony-move to..."
50April ShowersMan & woman sitting in rain, squirrel in tree, "walnuts".
50"Beans" And Food Spirit Priest.Dog looking at old indian with headband.
50Dumb DoraDora reading a book; light on desk.
50Felix And DudFelix the cat and Dud the dog fighting over bone.
50Mac's Valentine To Mrs. JonesOlder woman reading card; "He's a darling boy".
50Moon StruckMac looking at woman in moon; "I can't see any man in..."
50Polly And Her Pals.Old man looking at $85 set of golf clubs.
50School DaysBoy saying to girl, "I'll carry your books Jane".
50The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring-Tra LaThree flowers with people's heads.
50Will It Come To This?Tillie asking Mac why he is wearing a skirt.
100"Beans" And Food Spirit Priest.Dog looking at old indian with headband.
100Dumb DoraDora in fur coat watching boy with football; in stadium.
100Mac Helps Tillie With The Spring PlantingMac planting tree, Tillie tending greenery.
100Mac Is Taking No ChancesMac approaching girl & man, all in costume; "Hey! Tillie..."
100Mac Looks Out For Tillie's Spare TimeMac bringing Tillie stack of jigsaw puzzles.
100Pat Finnegan & Fatso DolanChinese boy saying to other boy, "Foo Lung-Sigy-Lo?"
1000School DaysBoy saying to girl, "I'll carry your books Jane".
1000Tim Tyler's LuckBlascoe and Dookin.
Small-sized notes: all about 80mm x 28mm, LUCKY BUCKS, PLAY MONEY, uniface unless noted. $1.50 each.
Denom.Description of picture
2Old man talking to woman.
2Two men with window in center.
2Woman and boy.
5Clown, looks like judge.
10Man getting hit on head with flower pot.

A very nice Lucky Bucks book has just been printed. Click on this text for a picture. The author, Jane Sears, has illustrated her extensive collection of Lucky Bucks in color. This book is a must for anyone interested in Lucky Bucks.

More information is given on The Numismatic Bibliomania Society web site.