Who Are We?

This site is made by play money collector Jack Phillips. The pages are a combination of items for sale plus some related play money information.
Please explore and give me any comments or suggestions. And, of course, also feel free to buy something.

There are many different types of PLAY MONEY to collect, including bills, notes, coins, and other items resembling real money. To give you an idea of what the hobby is all about, please check our information page for general information and places to find play money. There is no specific limitation on what constitutes play money - it's only in the mind of the specific collector involved. So, have fun, which is really the goal anyway!.

The pictures below feature a few examples of play money.

Breaking News! I am beginning to sell items from my personal collection. It's been great fun, but age has overtaken me and it's time to find new homes for these neat collectibles. Use the button to take a look.