Books About Alabama or With Alabama Authors
Alphabetical by Title
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  1. 1944, 50 Years Ago in Arab, Alabama, by Arab Historical Society, 1994.
  2. 1945, 50 Years Ago in Arab, Alabama, by Arab Historical Society, 1995.
  3. 1946, 50 Years Ago in Arab, Alabama, by Arab Historical Society, 1996.
  4. 1947, 50 Years Ago in Arab, Alabama, by Arab Historical Society, 1997.
  5. 1948, 50 Years Ago in Arab, Alabama, by Arab Historical Society, 1998.
  6. 75 Years of Service, A History of the Huntsville Rotary Club, by Bill Easterling, 1992, HC.
  7. A Collection by Axel Hubert Hein, 1992, SC.
  8. A Collection of Humor Wit and Other Gooides, by Willard Conchin, 1994 First Printing, SC.
  9. A Collection of Life in Poetry and Art, by Josephine M. Sharitz, 2002, SC.
  10. A Dream Come True, The Story of Madison County…, Volume 1, by James Record, 1970, HC.
  11. A Dry Dusty Wind, A Collection of Historic Short Stories, by Jacquelyn Proctor Gray, 2003, SC (creased cover).
  12. A Friend of the Flock, Tale of a Country Veterinarian, Dr. John McCormack, 1997, large print.
  13. A Glance at Early Selma, Scenes of Selma, Alabama, 1820-1920; Bert & Nellie Neville, 1968.
  14. A Heart Set Free, by Gloria Phillips with Irene Burk Harrell, 1985, SC.
  15. A History of Lauderdale County, Alabama, by Jill Knight Garrett, 1964.
  16. A History of The First Methodist Church of Huntsville, Alabama, 1808-1958, by Ruth Sykes Ford, 1958, HC.
  17. A History of The First United Methodist Church of Huntsville, Alabama, 1808-1983, Ruth Sykes Ford, 1984, HC.
  18. A Lawyer's Journey, by Morris Dees with Steve Fiffer, 2001, SC.
  19. A Light Unto My Path, by Mary L. Merrill (signed by author), 1981 first printing, HC.
  20. A Little Journey In The Birmingham District, with the American Institute of Mining…,1924, SC.
  21. A Locust Leaves Its Shell, by Bill Easterling, 2000 (his last book), HC.
  22. A Miracle of Miracles, by Carolyn Ridinger, 1997, SC.
  23. A Morning Cup Of Tai Chi, by John A. Bright-Fey, 2004, HC (no CD).
  24. A Mother’s Vietnam, by Jessie Sherer Abbott, 1987, SC.
  25. A New Command (General Bruce Medaris), by Gordon Harris, 1976, SC.
  26. A Pear for the Teacher, by Daisy M. Styles (signed by author), second printing 1989.
  27. A Pictorial Walk Thru Ol' High Jackson, Scottsboro 1868 - 1968, Walt Hammer.
  28. A Place Called Simplicity, by Claire Cloninger, 1993, SC.
  29. A Refill: Rx for the Soul, by David B. Wilhelm, M.D., 1999, SC.
  30. A Serigamy of Stories, by Kathryn Tucker Windham, 1988, HC.
  31. A Strand in the Web, by Anne G. Rutledge, 2001, SC.
  32. A Study of Metcalfs Andrews & Smith, by Clayton G. Metcalf, 1979.
  33. A Swan’s Garden, by D. M. Peters (signed), 1996, spiral bound.
  34. A Vision of Victory, by Lucille G. Doster, undated but has references to 1980, SC.
  35. A Walk Through Downtown Huntsville, by Fred B. Simpson (signed), 2003, SC.
  36. A Winner at 60+, by Earle G. Harris, 1987, SC.
  37. Absolutely Alabama, by Marjie McGraw, 1997, SC.
  38. Addresses and Messages of Honorable John Patterson, Governor 1959-1963, Alabama (signed), 1963.
  39. Alabama A&M University, Alumni Directory, (Huntsville, AL), Third edition 1995, SC.
  40. Alabama Canoe Rides and Float Trips, by John Foshee, 1975.
  41. Alabama City Alabama, April 1929 (copy).
  42. Alabama Heritage Magazine: 57 issues (Issue numbers for each year)
    1989: 11, 12, 13, 14 1990: 15, 17, 18 1991: 20, 22 1992: 23, 24, 25, 26
    1993: 27, 28, 29, 30 1994: 31, 32, 33, 34 1995: 35, 36, 37, 38 1996: 39, 40, 41, 42
    1997: 43, 44, 45, 46 1998: 47, 48, 50 1999: 51, 53, 54 2000: 55, 56, 57
    2001: 59 2002: 63, 64, 65, 66 2003: 67, 68, 70 2004: 72, 73, 74
    2005: 75, 77, 78 2006: 81    
  43. Alabama Mounds To Missiles, Helen Morgan Akens & Virginia PoundsBrown (textbook), 1972.
  44. Alabama Off The Beaten Path, A Guide to Unique Places, by Gay Martin, 1992 and 2002, SC.
  45. Alabama Official and Statistical Register, 1931; Department of Archives and History.
  46. Alabama Past and Future, by Odum, Yeuell, and Summersell, 1941.
  47. Alabama Past and Future, by Yeuell, Summersell, and Higgs, 1950, hard cover.
  48. Alabama Showdown, The Football Rivalry between Auburn & Alabama, by Geoffrey Norman, 1987, soft cover.
  49. Alabama Source Book, A Guide to Alabama State Government, 1999, soft cover still in shrink wrap.
  50. Alabama Space and Rocket Center, Earth’s Largest Space Museum, undated but appears from mid-1970’s, soft cover.
  51. Alabama Sports Hall of Fame 1986, Banquet & Induction Ceremony, hard cover.
  52. Alabama State Gospel Singing Convention, Boaz, Alabama, November 10-12, 1989, 59th Session.
  53. Alabama Then and Now, by Harry M. Joiner, 1986, hard cover textbook.
  54. Alabama Trivia, Compiled by Ernie & Jill Couch, 1987.
  55. Alabama Waterways Guide, (large format), 1999.
  56. Alabama, A Documentary History to 1900, by Lucille Griffith, revised edition 1972.
  57. Alabama, A Guide to the Deep South; Federal Works Agency, 1941.
  58. Alabama, Mounds to Missiles, by Akens & Brown, 1972 (Rev.).
  59. Alabama: One Big Front Porch, by Kathryn Tucker Windham, 1975.
  60. Alabama’s Black Heritage, by Alabama Bureau of Tourism & Travel, undated (late 1990’s), soft cover.
  61. Alabama’s Family Tides, by Thomas C. Ford, 1992, soft cover.
  62. All Over but the Shoutin’, by Rick Bragg, 1998.
  63. All I Ever Really Needed To Know, I Learned On The Farm, Thomas H. Holland, 1992, soft cover.
  64. All The Lost Girls, by Patricia Foster, confessions of a southern daughter, 2000, hard cover with dust jacket.
  65. All We Like Sheep, by Mary Glynn Peeples, 1987, hard cover.
  66. Along The Trail, by Phineas Earle Trent (signed), 1994, soft cover.
  67. Alumni Directory, Cumberland School of Law, Stamford University, (Birmingham, AL), 1977, soft cover.
  68. Always A Mountain, by Dixie L. Grantham, 1979 hard cover.
  69. Amber Aspects, Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye, by Jim Accardi, 1988, soft cover.
  70. An American In Exile, The Story of Arthur Rudolph, by Thomas Franklin, 1987, hard cover.
  71. An Historical Perspective: The History Of The Kate Duncan Smith, Daughters Of The American Revolution School, Grant, Alabama, by Charles Hugh Edmonds, 1977, SC.
  72. And Finding No Mouse There, by Vivian Smallwood, 1983, soft cover.
  73. Angels Are..., Ralph Hammond, 1997, soft cover.
  74. Another Season, A Coach’s Story of Raising an Exceptional Son, by Gene Stallings & Sally Cook, 1997, hard cover.
  75. Ante-Bellum Alabama, Town and Country, by Weymouth T. Jordan, reprint 1987.
  76. Ante-Bellum Floating Palaces of the Alabama River; Judge F. Foster, 1904 (1971 reprint).
  77. Ante-Bellum Mansions of Alabama, by Ralph Hammond, 1951.
  78. April 3, 1974: The Alabama Tornadoes, by C. F. Boone, 1974, soft cover.
  79. Arabian Knights Football, 1979, Arab vs. Grissom, Friday, October 19, 1979 (paper booklet with great ads & pictures).
  80. Astronomy Finds The Days Of Creation, Ernest H. Wells (signed), 1972, soft cover.
  81. Auburn Football, The Complete History, 1892-1987, by Dan W. Hollis, 1988, hard cover no DJ.
  82. Auburn Tigers, by Phillip Marshall, 2005, soft cover.
  83. Auburn v. Alabama, A War In Dixie, by Ivan Maisel and Kelly Whiteside, 2002, SC.
  84. Ava’s Man, by Rick Bragg, 2001, hard cover.
  85. Back from the Living Dead, by Major Bert Bank; 1945 (undated reprint).
  86. Back to Birmingham, Richard Arrington, Jr., and His Times, by Jimmie Lewis Franklin, 1989, HC.
  87. Bad Blook, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, by James H. Jones, 1981.
  88. Baptist Memorial Hospital, Yesterday & Today, by Joseph Vance, 1981 (Gadsden location).
  89. Baptists of Bibb County Alabama 1817-1974, by Howard F. McCord, 1979, hard cover.
  90. Batsell Barrett Baxter: The Man and The Message, by Roland Delevar Roberts, 1998, soft cover.
  91. Battle of Horseshoe Bend in Tallapoosa County, Alabama; H.B. Park, 1955 (1969 reprint).
  92. Battleship U.S.S. Alabama, Memorial Park, undated color brochure, soft cover.
  93. Bear, The Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama’s Coach Bryant, Paul W. Bryant & John Underwood, 1974.
  94. Bellingrath Gardens and Home; The Bellingrath-Morse Foundation; 1978 (1974 & 1967 smaller versions).
  95. Bellingrath Gardens and The Bellingrath Home; The Bellingrath-Morse Foundation; 1958 with dust jacket.
  96. Beyond The Night, A Remembrance, by Wayne Greenhaw, 1999, hard cover.
  97. Biographies and Sermons, A collection of original sermons by…. by F. D. Srygley, 1961, hard cover.
  98. Biography of a Business, Tennessee Coal & Iron Division, United States Steel Corporation, 1960, hard cover.
  99. Birder's Guide To Alabama & Mississippi, by Ray Vaughan, 1994, SC.
  100. Birmingham Poetry Review, No. 26, Fall/Winter 2003, soft cover.
  101. Birmingham Zoo, Album & Guidebook, by Bob Truett, about 1981, soft cover.
  102. Black Elephant With A Brown Ear (In Alabama); Pictures by Bill Taylor, stories by Barbara Ann Porte, 1996.
  103. Black In Selma, The Uncommon Life of J.L. Chestnut, Jr., by J.L. Chestnut, Jr. & Julia Cass, 1990, SC.
  104. Blue Angels, Poems by Peter Huggins, 2001, hard cover.
  105. Blue Skies Of Texas, by Waylon A. Lyons (signed), 1999, hard cover.
  106. Bo Knows Bo, by Bo Jackson and Dick Schaap, 1990 first edition, hard cover.
  107. Bowl, Bama, Bowl; A Crimson Tide Football Tradition by Al Browning, 1987.
  108. Broken But Mended Again: The Story of Doris Wood-Littleton & the Home of Grace, by S. Wanner, 1996.
  109. Bromberg’s, An Alabama Tradition for 150 Years, by J. Morgan Smith, 1987, hard cover.
  110. Bryant, The Man…The Myth, by Mike Bynum, 1979, hard cover (bad dust jacket).
  111. By The Grace of God, Memoirs and Recollections…, by A. Earl Potts, 1997, hard cover with dust jacket.
  112. By The Seat Of My Pants, My Life in Country Music, by Buddy Killen with Tom Carter, 1993, hard cover.
  113. Calling Life’s Signals, The Steve Sloan Story, by Steve Sloan, 1967, 4th printing 1968.
  114. Camellias in Autumn, by John Chambers (signed), June 1989, hard cover.
  115. Carry Me, Birmingham, Alabama, The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution, Diane McWhorter, 2001, HC.
  116. Casing A Promised Land, The Autobiography of an Organizational..., by H. L. Goodall, 1989, hard cover.
  117. Caterpillars of Butterflies, by Jane McWhorter, 1977, soft cover.
  118. Cease Not to Think of Me, The Steele Family Letters, by Patricia Ryan, 1979.
  119. Celebrations of a Nation, Early American Holidays, by Lucile Johnston, 1987.
  120. Century Plus, A Bicentennial Portrait of Birmingham Alabama 1976 (still in shrink wrap, hard cover).
  121. Change Me into Zeus’s Daughter, A Memoir, by Barbara Robinette Moss, 2000 (early reading copy), hard cover.
  122. Changing The World-Amy’s Way…and other musings, by Sandra Mosley Gerhardt, 1994, hard cover.
  123. Church Bells, Bombs, and Lilac Trees; Growing up in War-Torn Germany, by Susanne B. Teuber, 2001, SC.
  124. Chronology and Documentary Handbook of the State of Alabama, Ellen Lloyd Trover, 1972, hard cover.
  125. Clettus Volume I, by Clettus Atkinson, 1980, SC (with award letter).
  126. Cleveland Alabama 35049, by Eldridge Bynum, 1989.
  127. Color Huntsville, A Coloring Book of Historic Huntsville, by Nancy Wilkinson Van Valkenburg, 1978.
  128. Come Walk With Me, by Margaret Robison, (undated, but appears to be 1976), soft cover.
  129. Cornbread and Beans for Breakfast, by James Milton Hanna, undated (appears to be 1994).
  130. Count it all Joy, by Barbara Joiner, 1991, soft cover.
  131. Country Days and Southern Ways, by Dwight Holt, 1990.
  132. Courage To Care, The Story of Ida V. Moffett, by Lee N. Allen & Catherine B. Allen, 1988, hard cover, no dust jacket.
  133. Cracklin Bread and Asfidity, Folk Recipes and Remedies, by Jack and Olivia Solomon, 1979, hard cover.
  134. Crazy In Alabama, by Mark Childress, 1993, hard cover.
  135. Creek Bottom Home, by Mack Vann (signed), 2001, hard cover.
  136. Crossing Many Rivers, Poems Along the Way, by Ralph Hammond, 1995.
  137. Dark Side of the Moonpie, by J. D. Crowe (signed by author), 2002, soft cover.
  138. Day Before Yesterday, by Henry C. Vance, 1956 (signed by author), hard cover.
  139. Day Mother, School Days of Yesteryear, by Agnes Gann Pounds (signed by author), 2002, SC.
  140. Days of Exile (Vine and Olive Colony), by Winston Smith, 1967, HC, no dust jacket.
  141. Dead Towns of Alabama, by W. Stuart Harris, 1977.
  142. Dear 'Em (A Spice-Flavored Travelogue), by Annette Loftis, 1961 first edition, HC w/dj.
  143. Deep South Aviation, by Dr. Don Dodd and Dr. Amy Bartlett-Dodd, 1999, SC.
  144. Doctor of The Cotton Patch, by Margaret I. Phillips, 1968, hard cover with dust jacket.
  145. Doing It My Way, by Winton M. "Red" Blount with Richard Blodgett, 1996, hard cover.
  146. Double The Pleasure, Book 1 and 2, by Anne G. Rutledge, 1988, soft cover.
  147. Dropout To Test Pilot, by Lou Barber (signed by author), 1997, soft cover.
  148. Dulcina DeBerry: Door Opener, by Missouri L. Torrence, 1996, hard cover.
  149. Early History of Huntsville Alabama, 1804 to 1870, by Edward Chamers Betts, (1909) 1976 edition.
  150. Early Settlers of the K-Springs Area, by Shelba Shelton Nivens, 1981.
  151. Earth Calling Heaven, Anybody Home?, by Nancy Chapman Monroe, 1995, soft cover.
  152. Elizabeth, A Blessing To All Nations, by Janie Buck, 1990, soft cover.
  153. Empty Sleeves, by Phillip Rushing, 1984, hard cover (signed by author).
  154. Every Life a Plan of God, The Autobiography of Batsell Barrett Baxter, 1983, soft cover.
  155. Extreme Weather History and Climate Atlas For Alabama, E.A. Carter & V.G. Seaquist, 1984, soft cover.
  156. FANtastic, Pleasant and Not-so-pleasant Memories From A…, by Tony Brandino, 1998.
  157. Faulkner, Jimmy, That Is; by Sandra Baxley Taylor, 1984, hard cover without dust jacket.
  158. Field of Memories, by Gail Clark Sheppard, 1995.
  159. Fields and Pastures New, My First Year As A Country Vet, by Dr. John McCormack, 1997, soft cover.
  160. Fighting Words, Words on Writing from 21 of the Heart of Divie's..., by Bill Caton, 1995, hard cover.
  161. Finebaum Said, by Paul Finebaum, August 2001 first edition, soft cover.
  162. First Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama, The 175th Anniversary Commemorative…, 1993, hard cover.
  163. Five Dollars A Scalp, The Last Mighty War Whoop of The Creek Indians, by David P. Mason, 1975.
  164. FOB, The incredible story of Fob James Jr., by Sandra Baxley Taylor, 1990, soft cover.
  165. Food, Fun, and Fable from Meme's on Bon Secour River, by Charley and Meme Wakeford, 1965 (1980).
  166. Footsteps On The Mountain, by Morton D. Prouty Jr., 1969, hard cover.
  167. Fort Mitchell: An Archaeological Exploration in Russell County, Alabama; Chase, 2/1974.
  168. from the dest of david housel…A Collection of Auburn Stories, by David Housel, 1991, soft cover.
  169. Full Of It!, by Billy Joe Cooley (signed), 1997 (stories, humor).
  170. Gathering Manna, Finding God’s Grace In Life’s Wilderness, by Sue Fallin, 1997, SC.
  171. General History of Marshall County, Alabama, by J.A. Thomason, 1989.
  172. George C. Wallace, Triumph or Tragedy?, Timely Publications, 1972 (paperback, assassination attempt).
  173. George Wallace American, A Photo-biography, by Joe Azbell, 1976, hard cover, no dust jacket.
  174. George Washington Carver, The Man Who Overcame, by Lawrence Elliott, 1966, hard cover, no dust jacket.
  175. Gifts From God (Poetry), by Gatha Crowson, 1989, soft cover.
  176. Glimpses Into Ante-Bellum Homes of Historic Huntsville,Alabama, (undated).
  177. Glimpses Into Ante-Bellum Homes of Historic Huntsville, Alabama, (revised edition - 1962).
  178. Glimpses Into Ante-Bellum Homes of Historic Huntsville, Alabama, (revised edition - 1968).
  179. Glimpses Into Ante-Bellum Homes of Historic Huntsville, Alabama, (Bicentennial Edition - 1976).
  180. Go Ye Therefore…, History of Coffee County Baptist Association, 1981-1998, by Roy Shoffner, hard cover.
  181. God Still Breathes, Southside Anthology 1994, (Huntsville Southside Baptist Church), hard cover.
  182. Great Elks in Madison County?? You Better Believe It!!, James Record, 1972, hard cover.
  183. Greatest Moments in Auburn Tigers Football History, Montgomery Advertiser, 2002, soft cover.
  184. Green Power, The Successful Way of A. G. Gaston, by A. G. Gaston, Third printing 1978, soft cover.
  185. Gunshots and Ropes, five wasted lives, by Benjamin S. Bradford, undated, SC.
  186. Hail Fire, The True Story of A Man Who Survived, by John Tielking, 1982, soft cover.
  187. Hallie Farmer, Crusader For Legislative Reform in Alabama, by Carolyn Hinshaw Edwards, 1979.
  188. Hang On Nell!, by Lowell H. Clemmons, M.D., 1980, soft cover.
  189. He Looked For A City, by Ottis L. Castleberry, 1980, hard cover, no dust jacket.
  190. Hear The Lambs A-Cryin, Chamintney Thomas, 1975.
  191. Helen Keller, Sketch for a Portrait, by Van Wyck Brooks, 1956, hard cover, (water damaged).
  192. Help Me If You Can, by Bob Molenda, undated but after 1996.
  193. Henderson Steel, Birmingham’s First Steel, by Bernice Shield Hassinger (signed), 1978, hard cover.
  194. Hey, Brudder Dan!, The Misadventures of a Church Custodian, by Dan Zydiak, 1999, soft cover.
  195. Hillbilly In The Gulf, by Waylon A. Lyons (signed), 1997, hard cover.
  196. Historic Fort Payne, Landmarks of DeKalb Co., Inc., Volume III, 1990, soft cover.
  197. Historic Huntsville, 1804 to 1870, by Edward Chambers Bett, 1909 (1966).
  198. Historic Huntsville, A City of New Beginnings, Elise Hopkins Stephens, 1984.
  199. Historical Atlas of Alabama, by Donald Dodd, 1974.
  200. Historical Highway Markers in Alabama; no date, George Wallace signature.
  201. History of Medicine, Volume I, University of South Alabama College of Medicine, March 1991, soft cover.
  202. History of St. Clair County (Alabama), by Mattie Lou Teague Crow, 1973.
  203. History of the Elyton Land Company and Birmingham, Ala., by H.M. Caldwell, 1892 (reprint?), soft cover.
  204. History of the Order of Eastern Star of Alabama, Beulah Bunn Curry, 1929.
  205. History of Woman's Society of Christian Service of The North Alabama Conference, 1940-1960.
  206. History Stories of Alabama, by L. Lamar Matthews, 1952.
  207. Home Again, Home Again, edited by Robert Bahr, 1994, soft cover.
  208. Homespun Verse, by Isabelle McKenzie McKemie, 1960, hard cover.
  209. Huntsville Alabama, Sightseeing in 80 color photos, Elfriede Richter-Haaser, 1985.
  210. Huntsville Before 1908 (reprint of about 1969).
  211. Huntsville Life 2004/2005, “From Cotton to Caviar”, soft cover magazine.
  212. Huntsville Magazine, Summer 1975, Vol. 1 No. 1;
  213. Huntsville Tornado, November 15, 1989, 4:37 p.m., Diary of Destruction; The Huntsville Times.
  214. Huntsville, A Pictorial History, by Dave and Sharon Dooling,1980.
  215. Huntsville, A Timeless Portrait, Dennis Keim, Photographer, 1995.
  216. Huntsville-Madison County Athletic Hall of Fame, 1990 Banquet and Second Induction Ceremony.
  217. Huntsville Speedway 1995 Souvenir Race Program, SC.
  218. Huntsville Stars 1985 Official Souvenir Program, SC.
  219. Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Legacy, 1999/2000 Season, SC.
  220. I Remember When…, by E. L. Gibson, M.D., as told to Gladys Moates, undated, hard cover.
  221. I See the Town, by Betty Ruth Pumphrey, 1974, HC.
  222. If The Legends Fade, by Tom Hendrix, 2000, hard cover;
  223. I’m Not Afraid Of The Dark, by Thomas Euclid Rains, Sr.; October 1987, 10th printing, soft cover.
  224. I’m Still Here, The Memories of Ralph Frohsin, (signed), undated, soft cover.
  225. Illustrative and Descriptive Huntsville and Madison County Alabama Before 1908, (unknown author).
  226. In Due Time, The Struggles and Triumphs of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker, by Wayne Atcheson, 1995.
  227. In Our Own Words, Alabamians Read Alabama, 1992, soft cover.
  228. In Search of God, A Topical Study of The Character Of God, by Elizabeth R. Hunter, 1988 soft cover.
  229. In The Arena, by Pat Dye with John Logue, 1992, hard cover.
  230. Inaugural Exhibition, Huntsville Museum of Art, Ricardo de Villodas 1846-1904, 1975, soft cover.
  231. Jeremiah Denton, A Political Portrait, by Joseph P. Duggan, 1986, soft cover.
  232. Joe, Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Bruno Store, by Pat Dunbar, 1983, hard cover.
  233. John Tyler Morgan and Edmund Winston Pettus, Memorial Addresses in the Senate…,1908, hard cover.
  234. Journal of Alabama Archaeology; Volume XIX, Number 2, December 1973.
  235. Journal of Alabama Archaeology; Volume XVI, Number 2, December 1970.
  236. Journal of Alabama Archaeology; Volume XVIII, Number 2, December 1972.
  237. Journal of Muscle Shoals History, Volume IX, 1981.
  238. Journal of Muscle Shoals History, Volume VII, 1979; The Muscle Shoals Heritage.
  239. Journal of Muscle Shoals History, Volume X, 1983; Historical Muscle Shoals: Buildings & Sites.
  240. Journal of Muscle Shoals History, Volume XI, 1986; Life & Legend in Muscle Shoals History.
  241. Journal of The North Alabama Conference of The Methodist Church, Seventeenth Session, 1955.
  242. Journey of The White Bluebird, by Thomas L. Smith (signed), 1993, soft cover.
  243. Just Get On With It…, by Billy Gene King, 2000, hard cover (flyleaf torn out).
  244. Know Your Alabama, by Virginia Van der Veer Hamilton, 1986, hardcover text book.
  245. Legacy, The Story of Talula Gilbert Bottoms and Her Quilts, Nancilu B. Burdick, 1988.
  246. Let The Journey Begin, by Joseph Allen (author signed), 2002, soft cover.
  247. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, by James Agee and Walker Evans, 1960, hard cover.
  248. Letters from Alabama, by Philip Henry Gosse, 1993 (reprint).
  249. Life After Retirement II, by Dorothy Rowland Grove, October 1996, soft cover.
  250. Life and Legend of Lawrence County Alabama, by Dorothy Gentry, 1962.
  251. Life As I Saw It, Ernest M. Guthery, 1994.
  252. Life Lessons II, by Charles H. Pollard, 2002, soft cover.
  253. Life ~Love ~Laughter, by Doug Johnson, 1998, soft cover.
  254. Life on my side of the River, by John L. McWilliams, 1995 (author signed).
  255. Life With Rev. Ev and Before, by Jimmie Nettles Barnes, 1983 (central & south Alabama).
  256. Light In The Valley, History of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama, 1999, hard cover.
  257. Like Bugles Passing By, Lee Woodward (signed), 1995, soft cover.
  258. Lim Rock, Alabama, Jackson County (1930-1945), by Marlin D. Tucker, October 1992, soft cover.
  259. Listening with My Heart, Heather Whitestone, with Angela Elwell Hunt, 1997, hard cover (flyleaf missing).
  260. Living History in Alabama, 1969 (missing title page), soft cover.
  261. Locust Hill, Mary Wallace Kirk, 2nd printing 1976.
  262. Lost Villages and Ancient Kingdoms, by Ted Sierke, 1980.
  263. Louisville & Nashville Railroad 1850-1963, by Kincaid A. Herr, revised edition March 1964, hard cover.
  264. Love Abounds, A Profile of Harry Denman, by Asbury Smith & J. Manning Potts, 1965, hard cover.
  265. Love Knows No Distance, by Nora B. Hawthorne (autographed), 1998, soft cover.
  266. Luther Pat Lost His Hat, by Benjamin S. Bradford, 2003, SC.
  267. Madison Centennial Historical Record, Commemorating the hundredth anniversary…, 1969, soft cover.
  268. Magneto, Common Battery & Dial, The Story of Southland, by W.F. Corman, Undated 1986?, soft cover.
  269. Malbis Memorial Church, 1976, pictures a Greek church in Malbis, Alabama (near Daphne), soft cover.
  270. Man On A Mountain, by Joe Barnes, 1969.
  271. Man To Man, by Ronnie Thomas, 1978.
  272. Meet My Preacher’s Wife, by Dorothy R. Grove, 1979 (1989).
  273. Mike Bolton's Favorite Alabama Jokes, 1990, soft cover.
  274. Mine, Mill & Microchip, by Wayne Flynt, 1987.
  275. Mining and Steel-Making Methods in Alabama, 1924 first edition, soft cover.
  276. Miracles in the Life of an Ordinary Man, An Autobiography, by Paul York, 2003, soft cover.
  277. Mist On The Mountain (fiction), by Kathleen Day, 1999, soft cover.
  278. Montevallo, The First One Hundred Years, by Eloise Meroney, 1977.
  279. More Gold from the Refiner’s Fire, by Rita Coker, 2000 first printing, soft cover.
  280. More Than Wonderful, by Edith Barber, 1987 (1988).
  281. Mount Zion Baptist Church From 1855 - 1981, by B. J. Chitwood (Pastor), 1981, hard cover.
  282. Mountain People Gazette, The First Year, April 12,1995; plus No. 17 and No. 18.
  283. Mountain People, by Steve A. Maze, 1994.
  284. Mules, Missiles and Men, An Autobiography by James L. Brewer, 1988, SC.
  285. Muscle Shoals Canal…Life With The Canalers, by Joshua Nicholas Winn III, 1981 second printing.
  286. My Last Days as Roy Rogers, A Novel, by Pat Cunningham Devoto, 1999, HC.
  287. Never Forgotten, by Wade Franks (signed) with Mark Beaird, 2006, SC.
  288. Nona’s Legacy, by Lolly Grabensteder, 1986, hard cover.
  289. North Alabama's Caves & Caverns, 1969 (Alabama 150 Sesquicentennial Statehood).
  290. Of Such Is The Kingdom, by Louise Lowe Carter (kindergarten), undated but about 1972, soft cover.
  291. Official Inaugural Program honoring Governor Lurleen Wallace, January 16, 1967.
  292. Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!, by Lowell H. Clemmons, M.D., 1983, soft cover.
  293. Oh, to be in Miss Collier’s class again! Austinville, Alabama 1950, by Stephens & Liverett, 1992.
  294. Old Huntsville, History and Stories of the Tennessee Valley; magazine format, 22 issues.
    No. 49 No. 53 No. 54 No. 55 No. 56 No. 63
    No. 64 No. 72 No. 74 No. 75 No. 77 No. 78
    No. 96 No. 98 No. 99 No. 100 No. 101 No. 104
    No. 112 No. 115 No. 122 No. 137
  295. Old Military Gazette, No. 10, by Steve A. Maze; magazine, 1994; filed with Yesterday's Memories.
  296. Old Morgan County, History and Stories of the Tennessee Valley; magazine format, 4 issues.
    No. 20 No. 21 No. 23 No. 28
  297. Once upon an Island…as told to and collected by The Gulf Shores Woman’s Club, 1984.
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